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Historical Association of South Jefferson

Ellis village

   Ellis village is the oldest village in the town of Ellisburg and is located on the south branch of Big Sandy Creek. It is located three miles from Belleville and Pierrepont Manor. The first settler was Lyman Ellis in 1797.

Ten Revolutionary War Veterans are buried at Ellisburg Cemetery:
Isaac Burr (1760-4/27/1827)
Joel Doolittle (1760-6/29/1813)
Bryant Eddy (1760-12/11/1843)
Caleb Ellis (8/13/1754-4/14/1847)
Lyman Ellis (11/1759-3/13/1847)
Samuel Haven (1/4/1762-1840)
Nathan Holley (8/16/1758-9/4/1833)
John Hollister (1740-8/3/1827)
James Lewis (1754-1/18/1823)
Simeon Russell (1752-7/21/1844)
Caleb Sturdevant (1759-10/17/1831)
Solomon Tracy (10/7/1858-1/21/1849)

Saxe Cemetery is located just north of the village.
There are 3 Revolutionary War Veterans buried here:
James Gault (1756-8/10/1842)
Stephen Hicks (1/26/1755-2/19/1833)
Joseph Martin (10/25/1740-9/22/1827)

Businesses in Ellis Village in 1866-67, from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67:
Agricultural Implements - Alva J. Smith, George S. Hudson, E.H. Hudson
Blacksmiths - Freeman Richardson, Levi Hyde & Henry Cronkite, Frances Ramsdell
Boat Builders - William & Peter Gilbert
Boot & Shoe Shops - David Armstrong, Jedediah Bonney
Butchers - Isaac W. Decker
Carpenters - Daniel Rury, Eli Nash, Charles Hill, Othneil Williams, Jeremiah Lewis
Carriagemakers - A.B. McDonald
Cheese Factories - Milvern Stearns, James Rogers
Clergyman - Elisha Wheeler, MY
Coal Dealer - Joseph Ward
Constable - John Rury
Cooper - John Rury
Customs Collector - Frank M. Noble
Dressmaker - Emma Stearns
General Merchants - Hall & Searles (Alsom Hall & Wm. A. Searles), Frank E. Metcalf,
     Hopkinson & Waite (George M. Hopkinson & F. Austin Waite)
Gristmills - George W. & Henry D. Millard, Reuben Salisbury
Gunsmith - Lyman Chamberlain
Harnessmaker - William Albro, Albert A. Ackley
Hotel - Empire House (Russell Wood)
Insurance Agent - Horace M. Wilds
Iron Foundry - Loren D. Palmer & Ithamer Beebe
Justice of the Peace - Horace M. Wilds
Lumber Dealers - B.F. & H.M. Wilds
Livery Stables - Russell Wood, Henry Pool
Masons - Samuel Cole, Levi Goodenough
Millinery - Mrs. David Armstrong, Emily A. Bullock
Physician - A.S. Thompson
Planing Mill - George S. Hudson
Plaster MIll - B.F. & H.M. Wilds
Produce Dealer - Horace M. Wilds
Postmaster - Frank E. Metcalf
Saloon - Charles M. Snow
Sawmills - B.F. & H.M. Wilds
Tailors - Edward Tomkins, Theron Holley
Tinsmith - Philip & Alfred Millard
Undertaker - George S. Hudson
Woolen Mill - Benjamin F. & Horace M. Wilds
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