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Historical Association of South Jefferson

Town of Henderson

Village of Henderson


   The Town of Henderson was formed from Ellisburg on February 17, 1806 and is bounded on the west by Lake Ontario, on the north by Lake Ontario and Hounsfield, on the east by Adams and on the south by Ellisburg and Lake Ontario.

   The first settlers, before 1805, included: Thomas Clark, Samuel Stewart, Philip Crumett, John Stafford, Peter Cramer, Moses Barrett, William Petty, Daniel Spencer, John Bishop and sons Calvin, Luther, Asa & Sylvester, Jedediah and James McCumber, Samuel Hubbard, Elijah Williams, Levi Scofield, William Johnson, David Bronson, John & Marvel Danley, Andrew Dalrymple, Luman Peck, Jonathan Crapo, George W. Clark, Thomas Drury, Anthony Sprague, Daniel Forbes, and Emory Osgood.

   The communities in the town include:

Henderson - a village located near the central part of the town on Stony Creek.

Henderson Harbor - a hamlet located on Henderson Bay.

In Lake Ontario - Association Island, Stony Island, and Gallou Island

Smithville - on the far east side of the town, the hamlet of Smithville lies half in the town of Henderson and half in the town of Adams.

Bishop Street was a hamlet in the eastern part of the town.

Roberts Corners - in the southeast part of town.

Revolutionary War Veterans buried in the Town of Henderson:
Bishop Cemetery
Capt. John Bishop (9/24/1733-9/25/1828)
Bishop Street Cemetery
Phineas Heath (1761-3/10/1832)
Butterville Cemetery
John Morris (9/2/1759-6/22/1844)
Carpenter Cemetery
Jason Crittenton (7/1/1760-4/17/1813)
Thomas Dobson (1752-4/28/1829)
Amasa Hungerford (d. 12/6/1859)
Adonijah Montague (4/11/1757-10/8/1828)
Joseph V. Parker (1753-9/2/1828)
Ebenezer Sawyer (12/30/1756-1840)
David Whittier (9/17/1740-1815)
Clark (Fayles) Cemetery
Samuel Hubbard (3/8/1761-7/14/1843)
Samuel Smith (d. 4/17/1827)
Evergreen Cemetery
Jonathan Hunting (1758-10/19/1837)
John Pettingill (11/30/1765-4/23/1864)
Hungerford Cemetery
James Henderson (7/23/1753-10/23/1836)
Smithville Cemetery
Ranney Willet (3/28/1731-1818)
John Carter (12/18/1761-9/18/1842)
Stephen Hawkins (12/11/1760-4/18/1846)
died in the town of Henderson, burial site unknown

Bishop Cemetery, located on the corner of Allard and Shear Roads, Town of Henderson
Known Burials are:
Ainsworth, Katherine T. - 10/7/1843-4/28/1846, da. of E.D. & A.A. Ainsworth
Bishop, A.H. - 10/4/1830-12/23/1856, son of Calvin
Bishop, Alonzo H. - 1/20/1819-8/30/1852, son of Calvin
Bishop, Calvin - 2/9/1782-1/24/1850, married (1) Sally Armstrong (2) Sally Peck
      son of John Bishop, War of 1812 Vet.
Bishop, Edward - d. 8/10/1842, son of Charles W. Bishop
Bishop, Eunice - d. 3/18/1841 18y, da. of Calvin
Bishop, Horace A. - d. 3/18/1830 14y, son of Calvin
Bishop, Jennie - 5/2/1848-12/11/1870, da. of Calvin
Bishop, John (Capt.) - 9/24/1733-9/25/1828, married (1) Experience Harris (2) Serviah Kellogg
      son of John & Mary Bishop, French & Indian War & Rev. War Vet.
Bishop, Olive - d. 8/24/1838 9m, da. of Calvin
Bishop, Olive D. - 1840-2/20/1863, da. of Calvin
Bishop, Sally (Armstrong) - 1783-11/12/1816, wife of Calvin Bishop
Bishop, Sally (Peck) - 1796-3/5/1889, wife of Calvin Bishop, da. of Luman Peck
Bishop, Serviah (Kellogg) - 1753-1841, wife of Capt. John Bishop
Bishop, Susan R. - 1831-8/1/1844, da. of Charles
Bishop, Sylvia M. - 1829-8/6/1844, da. of Charles
Brown, Amasa W. - 3/8/1844 2m
Brown, Florella - 2/12/1793-4/14/1879, married (1) Jonathan Wallace (2) Amasa Brown
Brown, Sally G. (Hopkins) - 1797-11/13/1856, married (1) __ Goodwin (2) Amasa Brown
Brown, Wallace - 12/21/1858-10/16/1860, son of James & Cornelia
Chambers, Almira - 1775-6/10/1836, wife of John Chambers
Chambers, John - 1777-10/2/1831
Chambers, Maryette - 1819-4/19/1847, da. of John
Chambers, Melissa - 1809-10/22/1836
Davis, Alfred K. - 1820-2/11/1861, married Abigail Hungerford, son of Roswell
Davis, Clarissa (Bishop) - 1786-8/4/1875, wife of Roswell, da. of Capt. John Bishop
Davis, George - (no dates) 18y, son of Roswell
Davis, Laura Sophia - d. 12/25/1843 21y7m, da. of Roswell
Davis, Manfred A. - d. 7/27/1844, 3y2m12d, son of Albert & Caroline Davis
Davis, Roswell - 1785-5/14/1848, War of 1812 vet.
Gillett, John - (no dates), War of 1812 Vet.
Gillett, Susannah - 1790-6/19/1868, wife of John Gillett
Harmon, Adelia (Overton) - 1782-7/2/1841, wife of David Harmon
Harmon, David - 1/29/1772-9/7/1859, son of Samuel & Abial Harmon
Harmon, Emeline (Sprague) - 1814-7/12/1835, wife of Samuel Harmon
Harmon, Emily - d. 12/16/1831 18m, da of Samuel
Harmon, Isabella W. - 1807-3/4/1833, wife of Samuel
Keith, Lavina - 12/11/1759-10/1/1828, wife of Phineas
Keith, Phineas - 5/11/1760-3/16/1832
Keith, Stephen S. - 1841-12/22/1845 4y8m
Kellogg, Israel - 1754-4/8/1828, Rev. War vet
Lawrence, Pamela - 1819-11/5/1846, wife of N. Lawrence
Lewis, Caroline L. - d. 3/27/1860 4y5m5d, da. of A. & C.M. Lewis
Lewis, Mary - d. 9/30/1860 30y20d, wife of Zacaviah
Lewis, Zacaviah - d. 1/2/1873 45y
Montgomery, Sally A. - d. 7/30/1849 30y, wife of Thomas Montgomery
Parker, Eliza J. - d. 3/10/1835 21y, da. of Allen & Mary Parker
Parsons, Adelia Ann - d. 10/16/1839 11y8m, da. of Ira & Eliza Ann Parsons
Parsons, Phebe (Case) - d. 12/25/186866y4m, wife of Samuel Parsons; da. of John Case
Parsons, Samuel - d. 10/11/1864 67y11m
Peck, Eunice (Bell) - b. 7/30/1838 64y, wife of Luman Peck
Smith, Elizabeth - d. 9/8/1855 18y
Smith, Sarah (Bell) d. 6/13/1863 65y, wife of Harvey Smith
Snow, Infant - d. 9/29/1839 7m10d, son of Nelson & Sally Snow
Spicer, Infant - d. 5/1839 2m, child of Lyman & Lydia Spicer
Sprague, David - d. 4/17/1865 73y6m6d; married (1) Nancy Jones (2) Sally Butterfield;
       son of Anthony Sprague
Sprague, George R. - d. 5/12/1827 18m, son of David & Sally Sprague
Sprague, Nancy (Jones) - d. 2/12/1823 27y, wife of David Sprague
Sprague, Sally (Butterfield) - d. 3/12/1882 89y4m15d, wife of David Sprague
Wakefield, Simon - d. 8/28/1848 56y20d, married Submit Howard
Williams, Abraham - d. 3/19/1835 2y21d, son of Stukley & Margaret Williams
Williams, Betsey J. - d. 3/6/1829 2y2m, da. of Stukley & Margaret Williams
Williams, Lucy M. - d. 1/30/1851 17y11m, da. of Stukley & Margaret Williams
Williams, Margaret - d. 3/4/1846 47y1m9d, wife of Stukley Williams
Williams, Stukley - d. 11/27/1862 78y

Brodie Cemetery - located off St. Rt. 3, among cottages in the 'Elms' south of Westcott Beach State Park.
Duncan Davidson - d. 2/28/1851 7y6m, son of William & Tabitha Davidson
Tabitha Davidson - d. 7/13/1845 33y, wife of William Davidson
William Davidson - d. 7/26/1854 52y
Christia Drummond - d. 11/15/1819
D.D. Drummond - d. 7/13/1855 24y
Duncan Drummond - d. 2/18/1825
Duncan Drummond II - d. 2/11/1840 35y
Tabatha Drummond - d. 3/20/1813 24y
Elizabeth Morrow - d. 1/11/1851 23y2m, da. of John & Tabatha Morrow

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