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Historical Association of South Jefferson


   Belleville was originally called Hall's Mills after pioneer settler Giles Hall. Belleville is located on the north branch of Sandy Creek, three miles from Ellisburg and Woodville. The community began as a farming settlement in 1802/3 by Metcalf Lee, Bradley Freeman, Joshua Freeman, Martin Barney, James McCumber, Benjamin McCumber and Jedediah McCumber. The name was changed to Belleville in 1814/15.

Belleville Cemetery is an early cemetery located in the village of Belleville on the south side of Sandy Creek.
Old Belleville Cemetery is located at the end of Mixer road next to the creek. There are two Revolutionary War veterans buried here:
Edward Barney (8/18/1749-8/9/1835)
Josiah Littlefield (1766-6/20/1833)
Woodside Cemetery is located on the corner of Mixer Road and Route 289. It has also been known as the Shepardson Buring Ground, Rural Hill Cemetery and Mixer Cemetery.
There are four Revolutionary War Veterans buried here:
Thomas Clark (1753-5/1/1823)
Jedediah Hill (3/29/1761-4/18/1841)
Jesse Littlefield (1767-9/10/1832)
Silas Stevens (1767-9/10/1832)
Lakeside Cemetery (also known as Reed Cemetery) is located on NYS Route 3, NW of Woodside Cemetery. There are two Revolutionary War veterans buried here:
Rufus Richardson (1759-9/16/1841)
Clement Tubbs (1764-2/21/1847)

Businesses in Belleville in 1866-67
(from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67):
Academy - Union Academy
Blacksmith - Chapman & Hall (Julius Chapman & Abram Hall)
Boot & Shoe Shops - Edward Boomer, Charles L. Holmes, Henry Holmes, J.F. McIntosh
Brass Band - LaRue Hawes, leader
Butchers - Charles H. Freeman
Butter & Produce - James H. Searles
Carpenters - Stephen Cornish, Jesse Littlefield
Carriagemakers - Elisha T. Littlefield, Ephraim S. Lamb
Chairmaker - John H. Carpenter
Cloth Dressing - Thomas Waite
Clergymen - George W. Divol (Baptist), Byron Alden (Meth)
Constable - Horace H. Harris
Cooper - George Johnson, James Williams
Dentist - Edward J. Richards
Dressmakers - Jennette Boomer, Jennie Freeman
Druggist - Hiram G. Walrath
Furniture Dealers - Jonathan Carpenter, Harvey Stacy
General Merchants - Chapman & Reed (Daniel H. Cahpman & George P. Reed),
     James E. Green, Nahum Houghton,
     Edwards, Johnson & Kilby (Fred Edwards, Alba Johnson, & Alanson Kilby)
Gristmills - Malcolm G. Cook, Erastus Hall
Groceries - George Gleason, Henry W. Wilcox
Harnessmaker - Willard Salisbury
Hotel - Belleville Hotel (Alexander D. Williams)
Insurance Agents - Russell B. Richards, Charles F. Jennings
Jewelry & Watches - Bradley B. Barney
Justice of the Peace - Bradford K. Hawes
Lawyers - Mills A. Hackley, Edward B. Hawes
Livery Stables - Alexander D. Williams, William McCollum, George C. Bullard
Millinery - Mrs. Hiram Walrath, Mrs. Charles Freeman
Odd Fellows - Collins Lodge No. 421
Photographer - Frank Allen
Physicians - N. Wotkyns Buel, J.A. Rega
Postmaster - Nahum C. Houghton
Sawmills - Harvey C. Stacy
Stage Proprietor - George C. Bullard
Telegraph Operator - Edwin H. Hiller
Tinsmith - Charles D. Houghton
Tax Collector - Willard L. Cook
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