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Historical Association of South Jefferson

Adams Center

1) Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Adams Center
2) Adams Center Businesses 1866-67
3) History of Adams Center Schools (new 3/04)

Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Adams Center -
Truman Arms (dates unknown)
Samuel Gould (dates unknown)
Asa Mason (1750 - 3/18/1842)
Isaac Rogers (1759 - 1/27/1846)
Adonis Trowbridge (dates unknown)
George Williamson (dates unknown)
Adams Center Businesses 1866-67
(from the Jefferson County Business Directory of 1866-67)
Blacksmiths - Alfred Hodges; Lewis & Son (Clark & George B. Lewis)
Boot & Shoe Stores - Joel Dewey; Heath & Wilcox (James Heath & Henry N. Wilcox)
Brass Band - Manford Dewey, leader
Butter & Produce - Peter W. Dyer; Jedediah Freeman
Carpenters - Silas Chamberlain; O. DeGrasse Greene; Pardon Babcock; Charles M. Heath;
     Truman Grommon
Carriage Makers - Sullivan & Carpenter (George D. Sullivan & George D. Carpenter)
Clergymen - Benjamin Garfield, Baptist; George E. Tomlinson, 7th Day Baptist;
      Charles O. Taylor, 2nf Advent
      James M. Beman, Baptist (Honeyville)
Constables - Edward W. Green; Edward Hensey
Coopers - James Hammond
Druggists - Correl D. Potter
Express Agent - Daniel Fox, 2nd
General Merchants - Parker, Hammond & Wilder (Franklin Parker, Willard D. Hammond, Franklin A. Wilder)
Groceries - ME Dealing & Bro. (Martin E. & Foster M. Dealing); Benjamin F. Lee
Harnessmaker - Asa W. Graves
Hotels - Railroad House, Andrew J. Green; Hall's Hotel, Wm. Owens
Justice of the Peace - George Hall
Lawyers - Alphonso E. Cooley
Millinery - Lucy L. Bullock; Frances Green
Photographer - Heath & Hall (Albert Heath & Galen Hall)
Physicians - Edward Bleecker; David Fawdrey; Albert W. Wilder
Postmaster - Correl D. Potter
Public Hall - Union Hall
Railroad Agent - Daniel Fox 2nd
Surveyors - O. DeGrasse Greene
Telegraph Operator - Frank W. Stone
Town Clerk - Alphonso E. Cooley

History of Adams Center Schools
    District School - the first schoolhouse in Adams Center was a small plank building erected at the forks in the road in 1823. This was used until 1829 when a stone building was erected. This was used until 1857 when a new building was built. In 1876 another building was erected. On 1/6/1876 a union graded school was formed. A two story schoolhouse was built in 1897 and the school offered a two year high school course, and the school was registered as the Adams Center Union Free School. In August 1899 the Honeyville and Greene Settlement Districts contracted with Adams Center and sent their high school students there. In 1907 the school was advanced to a junior school with a three year course. In 1914 they became a senior school with a four year course and became the Adams Center High School.
    Centralized School - The organization of a centralized school district began in the fall of 1925 and on December 22, 1925 the Central Rural School District No. 1 of the Towns of Adams and Rodman was officially formed. The district was formed by the consolidation of 8 district schools in the town of Adams (#1 Adams Center, #3 North Adams, #4 Kellogg Hill, #6 Maxson, #7 Honeyville, #8 Ball district, #9 Lyons Corners & #10 Greene Settlement), and 2 district school in the town of Rodman (#1 Toad Hollow & #6 Dillin.
    In the winter of 1926 a site was selected on Maple Avenue for a new school building. Local architect, O.D. Greene, Jr. drew up the plans for the school and the contractor was A.M. Sanford. Construct began in August 1926. Cost $128,000. The building was located 200' from the street. The front of the building was 116' wide and the extreme depth was 116'. The Gymnasium wing was one story and the main building was two stories high with a 10' high basement. The building was dedicated on November 29, 1927. The school was soon overcrowded and an addition was built by O.D. Greene, Jr. in 1931. In 9/1927 two more districts centralized with Adams Center - they were Sand Street and Rodman village. By 1938 the district had outgrown the building. At that time the district was comprised of 17 school districts and received high school students from 8 more. A two story addition housing 9 more classrooms was built. Elementary schools were maintained at 3 districts (Rodman village, Rices and Dunn). In 1953 another addition was added with 12 more classrooms. On July 1, 1962 the Adams High School was annexed to Adams Center and the district became the Adams Center-Adams Central School.  On June 30, 1968 the Mannsville-Manor Central School merged with Adams Center-Adams Central School and on July 1, 1968 the district officially became the South Jefferson Central School.

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