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Historical Association of South Jefferson


     Woodville is a small hamlet on the north branch of Sandy Creek, three miles from its mouth and two and a half miles west of the village of Ellisburg. It was originally named Woods Settlement.
    Woodville was settled by Ebenezer, Ephraim and Jacob Wood, sons of Nathaniel Wood. They came to the area in the fall of 1803 to look over the land. They came by way of the old Redfield road to Lorraine and then Adams. The rest of the way they cut their own road. Ebenezer and Ephraim Wood purchased a tract of 754 acres on May 26, 1804 for $3. per acre. Ephraim Wood, with a daughter and three sons, settled on the land while Ebenezer Wood remained in Vermont to settle the estate there. Ebenezer and his father, Rev. Nathaniel Wood, came to settle here in June 1804.

Revolutionary War Veterans buried at Woodville Cemetery:
Ephraim Doane (1754 - 8/29/1828)
Abel Potter (3/10/1760 - 3/13/1846)
Paul Stickney (1763 - 5/6/1843)
Jacob Wood (3/2/1749 - 1838)

Businesses in Woodville in 1866-67:
(from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67)
Blacksmith - William Gray, Jr., John Comins
Boot & Shoe Shop - Don C. Bishop, John Sargent, Edwin Bishop
Butcher - Merritt F. Wood
Carpenters - Matthew Hartrick, Amos Fairchilds
Carriagemaker - Benjamin Squires
Cheesebox Maker - Josiah W. Chapin
Cheese Factory - Nathan Forman, Horace Wood, George Hemenway, William H. Eastman
Clergyman - Rev. A. Parmlee, Cong'l
Coal Dealers - William A. Jenkins
Dressmaker - Miss L. Ruyn
General Merchant - Clark & Wood (John B. Clark & Nathaniel Wood)
Gristmill - John B. Clark, Gilderoy Littlefield
Hotel - Fernando C. Smith
Justice of the Peace - William White
Masons - James Jones, James Webb
Millwright - O.B. Scott
Paper Manufacturer - Clark & Wood
Physician - Oliver Viets
Postmaster - Marcellus Gray
Produce Dealer - Merritt F. Wood
Saloon - James Webb
Sawmill - Goerge Wood, Josiah W. Chapin
Supervisor - John B. Clark
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