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Historical Association of South Jefferson

Village of Rodman

Businesses in the village of Rodman in 1866-67:
(from the Jefferson County Business Directory 1866-67)
Blacksmiths - William Burnside, Richard Maloney, Ora K. Newton
Boot & Shoe Shops - Winston D. Allport, Franklin J. McIntosh
Butcher - Simeon Clark
Carpenters - John P. Spear, Nathaniel E. Spear, Ebenezer L. Wait, Adam S. Blair,
     Alfred Angel, Orvil E. Winslow, Alfred F. Wright
Carriagemaker - William Burnside
Chairmaker - Moses Haynes
Cheese box maker - A.M. Newton, Amos Smith
Cheesefactory - Hanford & Vroman
Clergymen - Rev. A.B. Dilley, Cong.; Rev. H.C. Abbott, ME
Collector of Taxes - Nelson G. Cooley
Constable - John Sheerer
Dressmakers - L. Ann Edwards, Hattie Empey
Furniture Dealers - Norman & J.M. Lyon
General Marchants - William & Charles D. Gilbert; Leander W. Cooley, John P. Billings
Gristmills - Orson M. Cooley, Amos Davis
Hardware Store - A.C. Hughs & Co. (Arnold C. Hughes & George C. Parker)
Harnessmaker - Charles D. Moffett
Hotels - William H. Soules, Samuel Brown
Insurance Agent - Leander W. Cooley
Justice of the Peace - Charles D. Moffett, George A. Gates, George L. Butterfield
Livery Stable - William Empey
Mason - Hiram A. Smith
Masonic - Rodman Lodge No. 506
Millinery - Mrs. O.M. Cooley
Physician - William Christie, Truman Tuttle
Postmaster - John P. Billings
Sawmills - William R. Hanford, Martin S. Wait, Daniel Eastman, H.P. Webb
Supervisor - Oliver C. Wyman
Tailor - Nicholas Keegan
Tannery - Hiram Herring, Amos Davis
Tinware & Stoves - A.C. Hughes & Co.
Town Clerk - Leander W. Cooley
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