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Historical Association of South Jefferson

Sixtown Honor Roll, WW1 & WW2

The service men from Southern Jefferson County, New York,  who died during World War 1 & World War 2.

World War 1:
Walter Chapman - (Ellisburg), Army, Canada
E. Glenn Esty - (Belleville), Navy, died 10/20/1918 Ithaca, NY (flu epidemic)
Harold W. Griffith - (Adams), Army A.E.F. died 10/14/1918 in Romaranton, France
Sgt. Henry T. Halladay - (Henderson), Army, Co. A, 310th Infantry, died 10/18/1918 KIA. He married Rosina Williams in 1913.
Norman D. Hodge - (Woodville), Army A.E.F., Machine Gun Squad, 11th Cavalry, died 5/5/1918 at Fort Bliss Hospital, San Antonio, Texas
Carl Tousley Mendell - (Pierrepont Manor), Army A.E.F., born 1/7/1890 at Wardwell Settlement, son of Frank & Lottie (Tousley) Mendell; died 9/28/1918 in France
John Parker - (Adams), Army
Corp'l Charles A. Ramsdell - (Henderson), Army, Headquarters Co., 9th Infantry; born 1/4/1899 Henderson; died 7/1918 KIA in France
Jerome Roberts - (Belleville), Army
Corp'l Don Carlos Rounds - (Adams),Army, Co. C, 18th Infantry; born 6/13/1895; died 7/18/1918 KIA near Chateau Thierry, France
Elmer Sauer - (Adams), Army A.E.F., 23rd Infantry; died 10/8/1918 at Blanc Mount Ridge; buried at Romagne, France
Ross E. Smith - (Smithville), Army A.E.F.
Albert Washburn - (Adams), Army, Canada
John J. Williams - (Ellisburg), Army, 4th Infantry, died 10/21/1918 KIA in France; buried at Romagne, France
William W. Withington - (Adams Center), Army A.E.F., 306th Infantry; died 9/29/1918 KIA; bur. Romagne, France
Grover Wood - (Smithville), Army A.E.F.

World War 2:
L. Richard Balch - Navy, died 10/3/1944 aboard sub U.S.S. Seawolf
William O. Berry - Army, MIA 9/9/1942 Corregidor, d. 6/11/1943 as POW in Philippines
Carl R. Claflin - Navy, died 1/24/1942 aboard U.S.S. S-26 in Pacific off Panama
Arnold S. Cummings - Army, died 5/12/1943 KIA North Africa
Robert E. Dalavan - Air Force, died 8/5/1944 KIA Germany
Warren W. Earle - Air Force, died 8/17/1943 airplane crash in Florida
Donald R. Greene - Air Force, died 3/18/1944 in Germany
Robert W. Hess - Air Force, died 6/5/1944 KIA in France
Carlton E. Hibbard - Army, died 3/1/1945 KIA in Germany
Ward R. Holley - Army, died 8/28/1944 KIA in France
William W. Hovey - Armt Air Corps, died 4/9/1942 in training exercise in Calif.
Donald C. Irwin - Army, died 7/18/1944 KIA in Italy
Wendell H. Knapp - Air Corps, died 9/12/1944 in Germany
Lyle P. Langworthy - Army, died 1/21/1845 from wounds received in battle near Luxembourg on 1/18/1945
Russell E. Loft - Army, died in North Africa
Rolla H. Loveland, Jr. - Marines, died 10/7/1944 KIA in South Pacific
George Moreton - Army, died 8/11/1944 KIA in France
Henry J. Nichols - Air Force, died 6/21/1944 KIA in Germany
Donald O'Brien - Army, died 1/29/1945 of wounds received on 1/25/1945 in France
Keith V. Otis - Army, died 2/12/1945 KIA in Belgium
Alton A. Parker - Navy, died 5/4/1945 KIA in South Pacific
George E. Phelps - Navy, died 12/7/1941 at Pearl Harbor aboard the U.S.S. Arizona
George L. Reidell - Air Force, died 2/21/1945 KIA in Germany
Hugh Rose - Army, died 3/25/1945 KIA in Germany
John R. Rounds - Air Force, died 10/22/1944 KIA in South Pacific
Floyd R. Taylor - Army, died 7/18/1944 KIA in Italy
Loren L. Tryon - Army, died 8/28/1944 KIA in France
Richard S. West - Marines, died 2/26/1945 KIA at Iwo Jima
Payne Williams - Air Force, died 7/16/1943 in airplane crash in North Africa
Fred E. Wright - Army, died 3/31/1945 KIA in Germany